North Dallas Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas
"Love as thought, is truth.  Love as action
is right conduct.  Love as understanding
is peace.  Love as feeling is non-violence."
Thought for the Day from Sri Sathya Sai official site

Service or Seva in the Sai Baba center is primarily a Spiritual Sadhana,  to  elevate us through constant practice
to the reality that the same Divinity exists in all of us. Swami says “The best way to please me is to see Me in all
beings and serve them just as you would like to serve Me”.

Swamy says - As a preliminary to Seva (selfless service) you have to attain purity of heart. You must examine
your motives and skills, your intentions and qualifications, and discover for yourself what you hope to achieve
through Seva. You should ferret out any trace of egoism, and also the desire for fame. You have to get rid of all
sense of mine and thine and burn to ashes the pride that comes from the feeling that you are offering service to
someone poorer and less fortunate. Give up pride of status, wealth, scholarship and position, and practise
humility, obedience, discipline and compassion.

How can we help?
Help as much as you can,
As efficiently as you can,
As silently as you can,
As lovingly as you can.
Leave the rest to God who gave you the chance to serve.  

Why cant we serve on our own, why join a group service project?

Swami says – “What a single individual cannot accomplish a well-knit group or society can achieve. A man
walking alone will feel tired and miserable at the end of five miles, but walking with a group would find the five
miles a happy jaunt. He arrives refreshed and strong”.

Our projects have been selected to accommodate the diverse needs/abilities of the participants. If none of these
projects address your specific areas of interest, please contact the Seva coordinator and we will find you
something suitable.

Swami reminds us – “God will not ask you what seva did you do? He will ask, with what motive did you do it? What
was the intention that prompted it? You may weigh the Seva and boast of its quantity. But, God seeks quality, the
quality and holiness of the heart  and the purity of the mind”.

Our Special Service Projects Include:

UNICEF Trick-or-Treat: Bal Vikas students trick-or-treat as UNICEF volunteers  to support children's causes in
different parts of the world.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Birthday Seva: Devotees put together CARE KITS for the homeless on the streets of
Dallas, to tide them through the cold of the upcoming winter. These are distributed by the senior Bal Vikas

Thanksgivng Meals-on-Wheels: Families participate in delivering meals to elderly , lonely, homebound on this
holiday. The project is organized by local VNA ( Visiting Nurses Association ).

Regular Service Projects:

Friendly Visiting: Bal Vikas children, parents and teachers visit elderly residents at several area nursing
homes. Children sing songs, play Bingo on special days(Halloween,  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day
etc )

Austin Street Center: Devotees serve a wholesome ,home-cooked ,vegetarian meal on th first Friday of every
month . Bal Vikas children also serve lunch as per their Bal Vikas Seva calendar .

Music And Movement: This is a seva conducted by a Bal Vikas student on the first Saturday of every month.
Music is used very creatively to encourage children with disabilities to work on much needed skills.  

Teen Tutoring: Bal Vikas students and adults work with needy teens on Saturdays, to help prepare them as
required ( TAKS testing / College application process etc )
Bhagawan, take our
Love, let it flow to

Take our hands, let
them do Thy work

Take our souls, let
them merge
in Thy holy light

Take our minds,
make them pure,  
perfect in Thy sight

May our thoughts
born of Thee, be
guided from above

Make us all,  
instruments of Love.